5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Collaborations

Social Media Collaborations!

We’ve been doing many social media collaborations lately and we are so thrilled with the outcome from each. The images in this post were a result of a styled shoot that was organized by our long time friend, Kate, of Pearly Kate Photography. Make sure you look at all these gorgeous images and see the other vendors we collaborated with on this shoot.

As small businesses with little to no funding, there are so many ways that collaborating with other business owners is helping us grow our businesses. In the modern age of technology, even established small businesses and Mom & Pop shops are finally turning to social media and online resources to keep their businesses alive. There is no other way! Social media collaborations are a killer way to get your business out there and grow your online or local following.

So, what are Social Media Collaborations?  For us, it is any content creation done by two or more parties that is shared online and benefits all parties involved. For us this typically means working with bloggers, models, or photographers, and exchanging product either for images, social media mention or both! These collaborations have been incredibly fun and helpful.

Here are our top 5 reasons why!

Our Top 5 Reasons You Need to Collaborate Now

1 – Sharing Likes and Followers
One of the greatest challenges startups and new businesses face is gaining the right audience. You might have an amazing product/service and flawless business, however, if your target market doesn’t know you’re there, your business may suffer. When you collaborate with social media influencers and bloggers who have larger followings, your product or service is showcased and exposed to a large group of potential customers or clients! Tip: make sure you have a signed agreement that ensures you are credited/tagged accordingly!

2 – Recommendations! Recommendations! and Referrals!
Imagine your best friend told you that you NEEDED to try something! Wouldn’t you listen? Many of the bloggers we work with have die hard followers that really trust their opinions and recommendations. A referral from them can be an almost guarantee sale! Also, using a referral program such as Referral Candy can give big bloggers cash incentives to push your product. Tip: seek out bloggers that you think are your target market and that blog about products or services that jive with your business.

3 – Bartering for Content Creation
Something that can seem daunting about social media is creating the content to share. Perhaps your Instagram is suffering because you don’t have enough original images showing your product, and oy! photography is an expense your business just cannot afford. Perhaps you need interesting and pertinent articles and posts to share on your Facebook page but you don’t have the time to spend all day writing blog posts! Say you’re a florist (like Blossom and Basket who arranged the gorgeous bouquet above) clearly your talents are in flower arranging, so you may not have the photo skills to show off how truly gorgeous your product is. If you have an ongoing collaboration with a photographer you two can team up and kick some major butt together! Tip: look for collaborators that can offer you something you need!

4 – Networking and Making Friends
Other business owners are your biggest advocates, no matter what business you’re in. When you reach out to other business owners, successful bloggers and like minded hard workers, you will likely find that you have SO much in common. Business owners and independent free lancers work so hard and appreciate others who do the same! Also, we’ve found that other business owners are happy to spread the word about Impish Lee and they are excited and supportive of what we are doing. You might even make a customer out of a collaboration partner! But if not you will definitely have a good recommendation! Tip: deal with collaborators as you would your coworkers! They are working hard and deserve appreciation and respect!

5 – Learning Something New
Collaborating with different businesses can be the infinite learning experience. In this most recent collaboration with did for this gorgeous styled wedding shoot, we were introduced to so many new companies that we had never heard of. For instance, June Mango, who did the lovely printed invitations and menu, is a graphic and web designer. We are constantly in need of printed and web material, although typically we try to save and keep this work in house! Next time we need something, I know a great designer that would be my go-to gal! Tip: keep an open mind about collaborations and see what they can do for your business!

Check out all the vendors we collaborated with below, and hop on to The Overwhelmed Bride to see some more gorgeous shots from this shoot!

Impish Lee – Custom Robe – Buy this Robe HERE

Pearly Kate Photography – Photography

Heather Rea Style Studio – Jewelry and Makeup

June Mango – Stationary and Wedding Branding

Sister’s Bake Shop  – Cake

TLC Bridal and Casablanca Bridal – Wedding Dress

Holly Hills Country Club  – Venue

Blossom and Basket – Florist

To see another photo collaboration of ours check out this awesome shoot!

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Collaborations

  1. Thank you for this post! I’m launching my blog soon (hopefully!), but had a local museum approach me about a collab on Instagram. Other than a signed agreement, can you think of any other typical considerations to prepare for? This post is the only relevant info I’ve found so far, so I really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Tia!
      Thanks for your comment! As long as you and the museum are on the same page about what they are asking of you, you should be good to go. Make sure both parties understand how many posts you will create for them, as well as the ‘copy’ for each post (ie how you will tag them, and what you will say in the description). Good luck with the launch of your blog and feel free to reach out to us at info@impishlee.com if you have any questions along the way. Thanks!

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