Support when you need it most


Both Kali and I have been very fortunate to have our life surrounded by wonderful people who show support and love. There comes a time, in every business, where the owner starts to fall apart at the seams… (pun!)

With the stress of launching a company, providing your best work, staying organized and motivated, as well as handling every aspect of your start-up, it is no surprise that most businesses fail within their first year.

At the moments where you’re ready to throw the towel in, the best solution is to take a break from the work and spend time with the people you love. Much needed energy is derived from social interaction and I can’t say enough about those that have encouraged our work and progression.

In the pursuit of this dream, it is easy to feel a bit separated from reality and those around you as your focus remains on launching successfully and in a timely manner. Delegate what work you can, lean on those around you, and it will easily be apparent that if you work hard and treat your interactions with respect, people are more than happy to lend a helping hand.

So to our family, and our friends; we thank you deeply! Your love and light keeps this tiny ship afloat…..

Check out this great article by Fast Company.

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