Impish Lee’s online gallery is comprised of images created by their co-owner and in house fashion photographer, Kali Ventresca. Kali also does photography under the name Kali Taylor Photography. Kali shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera and uses Yongnuo flashes with a large softbox to defuse the light. Kali shoots with a 24-70mm f/2.8 and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.Lighting techniques include off camera lighting as well as use of natural available light. Impish Lee lights their images with beauty lighting and backlighting. Large and close light sources are soft and flattering and backlit fabrics show off the details of the garments.

Noelle Ventresca, the other owner, is very involved with the photoshoots as well. She personally styles the lingerie and loungewear and the sisters work together on lighting and location. The styling uses gold jewelry, warm socks, ripped jeans, messy, tousled hair, natural makeup, and a sultry attitude. The locations and set for the photoshoots range from a comfy indoor home to an abandoned warehouse to a spray painted garage door to a lush estate gardens and portray a lazy Sunday morning, free and sexy, raw and wild, artistic, and effortless beauty.

Impish Lee shoots take place on Long Island, in Bayville, Sea Cliff and Glen Cove at the Welwyn Preserve. Pearly Kate Photography has also worked with Impish Lee to produce images for the website and Instagram in Washington, DC. Pearly Kate Photography specializes in a boudoir photography package often as a bride to groom wedding gift.

Models are typically friends and professional models. Eden Rose, Monique Suarez, Model Fana and Laurin Trotman.

Noelle and Kali are a great photography team and their vision is realized in the beautiful pictures they produce for the Impish Lee website. Kali does all of the editing in house with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and uses a Mac computer. Kali does not use Photoshop to make the model look thinner. The sisters believe in exposing the natural beauty that is within every woman.

This inspirational photography could be award winning it is so good. So could the women own business. Their innovative mass customization company allows customers to design their own lingerie and sell online world wide. Each garment is as 100% unique as the customer designing it. Impish Lee offers over 27,000,000,000, that’s twenty-seven trillion, possible combinations of fabrics, trims and design. They have over 60 different fabrics, a mix of mesh, velvets, laces and novelty limited quantity fabrics. All the fabrics are stretchy, soft and comfortable. Impish Lee if the first customizable lingerie brand with an online digital customizer or configurator that allows buyers to design their own garments.