Producing our Kickstarter Video

The day of shooting our Kickstarter video was very long and challenging but incredibly exciting. We set up in front of a white backdrop, equipped with chalk boards, chalk markers, and our script.

We were able to get through the entire script in about 9 hours, which felt like it flew by as we were powering through each task!

After wrapping the shoot, Kali created a digital representation of what the experience of designing on our online platform would look like, again creating images to be placed together in stop-motion.

We utilized the model from our Debut Collection photoshoot Eden Rose, so sweet and hard working too!
After Kali edited all the photos for our stop motion video (and there were many!), I loaded them into Final Cut Pro and began the very new experience of film making! I was able to get a trial of Final Cut, which proved pivotal as I realized that few programs are capable of easily creating stop-motion videos and synching them to musical beats. Another full day and a half was devoted to completing the editing and post production.

It was certainly interesting tackling a completely new skill in a short amount of time. Thanks again to the immeasurable amount of online resources and the motivation to learn something unfamiliar!
We are so excited to present the video and all of our hard work. Click here to see the video and our Kickstarter Campaign!
And thanks to OFISHL for making this great behind-the-scenes film:

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