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Your dream apparel…

Impish Lee is a sister-owned, NY-made retail brand that enables shoppers to design their own intimate and lounge apparel online. For over five years, Impish Lee has been handcrafting custom lingerie and loungewear and, in 2015, launched the online design tool that makes the process of customization simple, exciting, and interactive.

The company provides 30 designs from underwear and bras to robes, slips, and loungewear, which are fully customizable. Shoppers can choose from over 60 fabrics and trims, creating a completely unique garment that can’t be found anywhere else. The design is then crafted in their studio in New York and shipped worldwide within three weeks.

Impish Lee also offers all designs in a very inclusive range of sizes 0-30 and bra sizes 28A-44J to include women of many shapes.

With Impish Lee, fashion lovers never have to want for a different fabric, or color, or even just their correct size: they can spend time wearing what they love, instead of searching for it.

Your unique style. Your unique size. Your dream apparel.


Who is Impish Lee




Kali Ventresca Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer


Noelle Ventresca Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sisters Noelle and Kali are the designers and owners of Impish Lee. With a love for innovation in fashion, the pair set out to build a company that would reflect their artistic spirit and interest in co-creation.


How Impish Lee got started

Impish Lee began as a small handmade lingerie line sold on Etsy. After being discovered by Urban Outfitters, Impish Lee stepped into the world of wholesale with the retail giant. While fruitful, the sisters came to see some major implications with the fashion industry, both from a manufacturing standpoint as well as from the consumers’ standpoint.

“As a brand in the fashion industry, our job as the designer is to predict what it is that you, the customer, would want to buy. Even if we are right on trend, and produce beautiful designs, we are still making a gamble. What this inevitably results in is some amount of returned or unsold product; excess, and wasted dollars. And for the customer, it’s a never-ending search for something that fits, is comfortable, looks good, is the right style, the right colors etc… Exhausting! So we decided to solve a whole bunch of problems in one fell swoop.” Noelle

As the first-ever customizable lingerie brand, Impish Lee puts the control back in the shopper’s hands. With Impish Lee’s online design platform, the customer can easily create an unlimited collection of underpinnings made just for them. The made-to-order process enables Impish Lee to remain a lean company that passes the savings onto the customer with a one-of-a-kind garment at a ready wear price point.


How Impish Lee gives back

In an effort to create a business that is ethically and environmentally aware, Impish Lee’s mission promotes a positive footprint. Impish Lee chose the mass customization model for many reasons, one of which being its inherent minimization of excess. Instead of producing large quantities of goods, they only produce exactly what is ordered, AFTER its been paid for. In this way, they immensely cut down on waste.

Additionally, they’ve managed to keep all manufacturing in-house in New York since their inception. This has allowed Impish Lee to consciously support the U.S. economy, promote fair labor and reignite American manufacturing.


Changing the world, two boobs at a time.




For press inquiries

You can reach Impish Lee on email at

Impish Lee is located at 7 Littleworth Ln. Sea Cliff, NY 11579





Impish Lee is founded by sisters Noelle Lee Ventresca and Kali Taylor Ventresca, the entrepreneurial minds behind the first and only customizable intimate apparel brand that lets shoppers design their own lingerie, bras, and underwear online. Impish Lee is proud to be first to market in this new field of mass customization. An incredible concept, custom made products are not just a trend but the way of the future, enabling everyone to have access to personalized, specialized, and customized products.
Noelle and Kali are eager to make their home in the world of mass customization, surrounded by other talented companies like Shoes of Prey, Kini Swimwear, and Nike ID, among many others. The sisters are driven by a desire to offer garments that fit the unique nature of any individual. Their style is not forcibly thrown at customers, but instead, they encourage shoppers to create intimates that reflect their specific personalities.
Noelle and Kali are young entrepreneurs with a self-starting mindset, building their company by bootstrapping their way to the top. Incredibly close, Noelle and Kali use their bond to work efficiently together through every task that comes up. They both share devotion towards quality work with a purpose. From designing, to manufacturing, operations to customer service, these sisters are making a huge mark on the fashion industry as well as the young business world.
With degrees in unrelated fields, both young women are entirely self-taught, which spurs their thirst for making a difference in the intimate apparel industry. By approaching problems from a non-conforming standpoint, Noelle and Kali are solving many issues in the fashion industry by establishing a concept that is not only new and unique, but will provide a better output for their business, while avoiding many of the pitfalls of being a designer in the 21st century. With their business, they are able to provide 27 trillion possible designs, without having to develop and produce inventory. This immensely cuts down on waste and excess, and also lends a hand to keeping any potential lost profits to a minimum. Instead of spending a huge amount of time and/or money on trend forecasting, Impish Lee gives the shopper the ability to choose their own style, and also eliminates discounted or over-stocked items.
Impish Lee knows how important it is to maintain profitable in the fashion industry and has used the concept to structure how their company works. Impish Lee only produces product that has already been paid for so as to step into a cash-flow positive position. By starting small, with only one employee, Impish Lee has positioned itself to grow steadily in an ever-changing industry. Noelle and Kali are excited to join other young entrepreneurs who are interested in changing the way the fashion industry conducts itself. By being mindful, of not only their business and customers, but the world around them, Noelle and Kali are making a difference with each garment that they manufacture. Impish Lee is encompasses a sustainable mindset in every area of its company.