Kickstarting the Kickstarter

We’re finally putting together our Kickstarter video which will officially launch on Monday the 27th!

So we at Impish Lee have to wear many hats, as we build our brand, but I never really thought that film making would be one of them. After deciding to help fund our web launch with crowdfunding, we landed on using Kickstarter’s platform to reach our market. With the highest amount raised, largest audience, and largest pledge community, we were thrilled to get started. We knew our video had to not only convey a relatively new concept, but also be interesting, fun, and well made.

Since my sister and Co-Founder, Kali is a photographer, we decided on making a stop motion video. There was a great deal of planning and script writing and organization that went into pulling off a smooth, but long and exhausting shoot! We were extremely fortunate to have the talent behind OFISHL, an incredible film maker to help us through the day, as well as our dear friend and artistic aficionado Jaclyn from Adelyns Canvas.

We are currently working hard to finish the editing, as well as preparing all other material for the campaign. Its been a long few weeks, but the adrenalin of what’s to come is driving us forward quickly! Stay tuned….

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