Y O U R    D E S I G N

From head to toe.

Designing your own intimates is simple with just a few clicks of your mouse! Choose your design, fabrics, and size, to create exactly what you want.

Designed By You. Custom Made By Us.

Shipped Within 3-4 Weeks.


Learn everything you need to know about our design tool so you can effortlessly create your own perfect intimates.

1. Choose Your Lining

We cater to women of all shades, so simply match the lining to your skin tone for that ‘nude’ look, no matter your hue!

2. Choose Your Design

Start your creation by selecting a design; from soft bralettes and cute undies, to soft flowy slips and full length robes.

3. Choose Your Fabrics

Be unique by designing with 50+ curated fabrics: Sexy laces, soft meshes, exotic burn velvets, and limited, novelty prints.

4. Choose Your Finishes

Select the little details that make your creation one of a kind. Choose variations for the bows, straps, sleeves, and more.




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Impish Lee’s innovative mass customization company allows customers to design their own lingerie which is unlike any other lingerie brand. We sell online and world wide. Each garment is as 100% unique as the customer designing it because we are all different. Impish Lee offers over 27,000,000,000, or twenty-seven trillion, possible combinations of fabrics, trims and design, which it unbelievable. They have over 60 different fabrics in many colors, for example a mix of mesh, velvets, laces and novelty, limited quantity fabrics. All the fabrics are stretchy, soft and comfortable, however they are also very durable. Impish Lee is the first customizable lingerie brand with an online digital customizer or configurator that allows buyers to design their own garments.

Mass customization uses computer-aided technology or software to deliver a interactive experience and a custom product for the individual customer needs. This idea is discussed, taught and studied by great minds such as Ian P. McCarthy, Stan Davis, Joseph Pine II, Mitchell M. Tseng, Yue Wang, Songlin Chen to name a few.


Many businesses have adopted mass customizing approaches to start a new business grow an existing company or to compete in the modern market. Businesses such as Starbucks, Niki, Shoes of Prey, Eshakti, Levi’s M&M’s, CaféPress, and Zazzle to name a few offer custom products.

There are many pages one the website teaching about the customizer and how it works.

Customization in production has become a favorite topic among fashion, business, tech, American-Made, sustainability and entrepreneurial publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, Elite Daily, Bustle, Lingerie Talk, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, Fashionista, Edward Lowe and many more.

Combeenation built Impish Lee’s customizer in 2015. The Austrian company builds e-commerce platforms to facilitate the sale of customization products in small businesses, however, they also work with corporate businessed as well. Combeenation’s plug in, online, software service will be embedded onto Impish Lee’s wordpress website and will integrate with Woocommerce and Shopify. The programmers at Combeenation use html, xml and css coding and a mixture of SGV and PNG fabric and drawing files and masks to operate the customizer.


For Impish Lee a user can choose from 25 different garment designs, such as bras, underwear, shirts, pants, robes, slips, lounge shorts, jumpers, rompers and playsuits. That being said most designs have 3-7 different areas or pattern pieces to customize the fabrics, 3 different accent colors and 3 different bow configurations and placement options. Each individual customer can purchase a perfect, unique, one-of-a-kind product to suit their taste.

They can also choose from four lining colors to have a nude look custom to their skin tone. As a result this is good for dark to light skin tones, Black, Brown, White as well as Asian, and Latin skin tones. Customers can choose from 70 bra sizes 13 loungewear sizes. This is one of the widest size ranges offered in a startup clothing company. Impish Lee offers conscious, non-discriminatory, products, that fits all sizes and are made for all races and skin colors.


The user chooses from 60 different fabrics and colors on a digital drawing representation of their garment. For instance Impish Lee offers burnout velvet, printed lace, printed mesh, and metallic, stretch fabrics.