I’ve got to say, running a business is indeed tough. So how do we at Impish Lee handle that? We decide to start another business on top of it! We’re young and foolish enough to have the energy to do it, and if there’s any time to plunge into the unknown, it must be now…

Last night we had our first Impish Lee multi-model editorial photo shoot and it went incredibly well. Armed with an amazing makeup artist, Jaclyn, and four beautiful and unique models, we made a little magic! Thank you ladies for being so helpful and professional. I can’t say enough about how important it is to surround yourself with supportive, encouraging women.

Though the momentum for our new venture is still alive, we must continue to hone in on the development of Impish Lee. Within the next few days, the order we are currently making for Urban Outfitters will be available for pre-sale on their website. Once the order is complete and ships out, I’ll be back to designing new pieces while seeking out other locations to sell our work. We will also be putting together a look-book and press packet. So much to do!

We feel very fortunate to have the energy and drive to push forward, but it does not always come easily. Having a sister and best friend to encourage you certainly doesn’t hurt…

So, how do you find motivation when staring up from the bottom of a steep hill?

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