Custom Bras – Design Your Own – Sizes 28A-44J

Ladies, we can all relate to the feeling of frustrated bra shopping endeavors becoming the norm. Let your bits slip into something comfortable, something with your own aesthetic, made just for you in New York.

The Need for Custom Bras

Since launching, we’ve been proud to offer a range that exceeds most other intimate apparel brands by quite a lot. This has been an intentional step by our team to offer beautiful, impeccably made apparel that is created to fit YOU perfectly. As a woman owned business, both Noelle & myself understand just how important it is to offer a broad size range, especially when it comes to outfitting your bust. This is why we created Impish Lee with all women in mind. Touting an incredible 90 different sizes, Impish Lee has over 2.5 times the numbers of sizes Victoria’s Secret currently offers (and I must mention that only 8 of their roughly 50 current bras styles are offered in size 40+ bands). Here are our size ranges side by side for a visual:


Not only have we made our sizing accessible, the process of creating your own bra with our online design tool, gives you the ability to be a part of the creation and design of your own apparel. You can also shop all of our favorite looks here. With many different styles including bras, bralettes, undies and more, and 50+ gorgeous fabrics to design with, you can finally have something that you absolutely adore that also fits, finally!


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53 thoughts on “Custom Bras – Design Your Own – Sizes 28A-44J

  1. Yes Jennifer, we can accommodate you! We are so excited to roll this out and hope that we can make every lady feel fiercely comfortable ;)

  2. I desperately need a 40k strapless/bustier for my wedding dress. The few brands that carry my size don’t offer this. What is your email? I’m ready to order!

  3. Hello, I wanted to know if you had a shop in or near Woodbridge Va, Im not too far from DC or Tyson’s Corner. I am a 42H or something like that but I feel like I can fit into a 40F comfortably. I

  4. I was measured and told that I was a 48/50 L. There are no bras that are cute and to my liking anywhere. Please tell me you all can help

  5. I was measured and told that I was a 48/50 L. There are no bras that are cute and to my liking anywhere. Please tell me you all can help. Thanks in advance

  6. I love your website. I wear a 46 L and am only 5 feet tall. I cannot find brss to fit me and my last bra is in pathetic shape. I hope you have a mailing list.

    1. Hi Anna, We have multiple wireless bras, however, they are not technically “sports” bras. The are quite comfortable and supportive though and can absolutely be used for exercise. Feel free to contact us for our best fabric suggestions and with any questions you might have –

  7. I am looking for a bra size 40B. I have ordered many on line and always get a C cup. I really need a true B cup. I have small breasts but an wide around, so the C cup is way to large for me. Can you help?

  8. Do you custom make sizes as well? I see your size chart with regular sizes so I was wondering if you do that. I lost an extreme amount of weight and literally no bra will fit me properly. I was a 46D in Jan of 2016, now, judging by trying on numerous brands and sizes, I believe Im a 35C 1/2. This is my issue…34 is too small, 36 too big. If I get a C I bulge out, D the bra cups bulge out. Can you help?

  9. Hi, my girlfriend has cup R size breasts and has no place where she can order bras. Do you deal in abnormally large cup size bras this big? If so, I would like to bring you in contact with my girlfriend.

    Thank you

  10. Help! I’m struggling to find a bra to fit. I recently bought a 38P size bra with no lick of fitting. Can you help. Not exactly sure my size but I k,ow I’m a 38 exact around the band

  11. I have called Mabel Kopp a few times and left specific messages about why I was calling, but I have not heard back from her. I’m desperate for new bras!!!!

  12. Please contact me. I wear a 48J. I cannot find any bras that fit me. I recently last a good bit of weight. I’m 6’0ft talk and wear 48J.

  13. I am older now & my breast pull South. But my biggest problem is that I have this spreading breast tissue under my arms, a roll of fat, if u will. This causes my bras to roll or bind & pinch. I am looking for a bra that can support well, that is wider under the arms, & dies it without wires or tight elastic. Can u help. I’m tired of my side breast tissue hanging over & out. Thnx.

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for your comment – you are not alone! We have many bralette options that may work perfectly for you. The first step is to always get the perfect fit. With our bra/bralette sizing guide youll be able to see what your size is and then work with us to create your perfect bralette. We’ve emailed you some more information as well!

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