Inseparable duo, owners, and sisters Noelle Lee Ventresca and Kali Taylor Ventresca are the creative minds behind Impish Lee, Custom Intimate Apparel. Founded on Etsy, their company has evolved from a small handmade boutique lingerie line into a fully customizable intimate apparel brand.




“We believe that since our customers know themselves better than we do, it is imperative to include them in the design process. By having a flexible and customizable platform, we can produce intimate apparel that not only reflect individual styles and tastes, but fit perfectly too.”    ~Noelle

Inspired by the comfort of Sunday lounging, Noelle and Kali design essential patterns with completely customizable elements, which gives their clientele the power to easily create unique, contemporary, and exquisitely comfortable undergarments.




At Impish Lee, we believe your underpinnings should be made specifically for you with quality materials and construction. Our mission is to give women the ability to design intimate apparel that reflects their individuality.

We focus on providing luxurious fabrics, trims, and finishes, as well as ensuring that we offer you a perfect fit. With the flexibility of our design tool, we strive to make the process not only convenient, but exciting as well, with over 27 trillion unique possibilities.

Our company is committed to creating a positive impact in all aspects of our business. Making a conscious decision to keep the manufacturing of our product in-house in New York, Impish Lee supports the US economy and ethical labor practices. Our business model also reflects our attention to minimize waste and excess, by only creating product that is already purchased.