How to Rock Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Whether you are a young blushing bride to be or getting married later in your life, having a bridal boudoir shoot is the perfect way to prepare for your big day. There may be no greater way to love and appreciate yourself than to have a boudoir shoot, and we all know you can’t love someone else until you truly love yourself!

So, you might ask…

How do I Rock My Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

Here are our 3 best tips to rock it, collected from years of photographing for our brand and listening to boudoir experts in the field, together we’ve seen it all!

Tip #1 Pamper Yourself

Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful, do that! I used to get my nails done on a every-other-week basis. Having the time to sit and relax, maybe get a 5 min shoulder rub, and a interesting new shade of lacquer always made me feel a little special. Now it seems I don’t make the time in my schedule for it, but if I were do have a shoot I know this would make me feel pampered and beautiful. Other things that might make you feel beautiful, relaxed, and confident:

  • get a massage
  • have your hair and makeup done
  • get a facial
  • buy a new lingerie set
  • have a glass of wine (just one)
  • masterbate. That’s right!

Additionally, it is important to spend some time lotion-ing your skin and practicing your smoldering face in the mirror to prepare.

Tip #2 Eat Good

Perhaps even more important than eating good is drinking lots of water. This give you a healthy glow and makes your skin super hydrated. Additionally eating fruits and veggies, or a fresh juice will nourish your skin and make you feel energized and refreshed! You might want to avoid ingesting things that make you bloat such as white flour or carbonized beverages, however, don’t avoid things that make you feels sexy, such as the common aphrodisiac, chocolate!

Tip #3 Pick a Theme

This tip does not need to be taken to extremes, however, picking a color scheme or light theme can help create a cohesive collection of images. The theme will inform every detail, actually making your styling decisions a little easier. When stuck with questions like: What lingerie to wear? What props to bring? What color to paint your nails? What accessories to wear? How to style your hair and makeup? and, Where to shoot? a theme will help pull all the details together.

For example, if you pick a theme like Roses & Chocolate, you might choose to design your own high-waisted, vintage inspired, lush velvety set. You might bring some red roses and even a box of your favorite chocolates to nibble at as you shoot. You might paint your nails wine red or have a pretty french mani. Maybe you have a little black birdcage veil and sexy black pumps. You might have a classic inspired up-do and heavy Marilyn Monroe top lid liner. And lastly, maybe you choose to shoot in a plush bed, covered in rose petals. Nice and cohesive content!

Tying It All Together

We teamed up with Barely Blushing Boudoir for the gorgeous images in this blog post. Christina, owner of the Georgia based, boudoir photography business, along with Flower Child Weddings, did a phenomenal job at tying it all together for a perfect, outdoor, dreamy theme. The Barn Oak Manner also made the perfect setting!

So, best of luck with your bridal boudoir photography shoot! You’re going to rock it!

You can see more images from this collaboration here.

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