Custom Bra Sizes, K Cups and Beyond!

Just when you thought Impish Lee couldn’t get any more custom, now we’re making custom bra sizes!

The Need for Custom Bra Sizes

We have been getting messages to “please add K cups,” and “I wish you carried my size” etc. etc…  With 70 available bra sizes, at first we were slightly shocked to be receiving messages of women unable to be fit within our range. Since launching, we’ve been proud to offer a range that exceeds most other intimate apparel brands by a lot. Impish Lee has 2.5 times the numbers of sizes Victoria’s Secret currently offers (and I must mention that only 8 of their roughly 50 current bras styles are offered in size 40 bands). Here are our size ranges side by side for a visual:

Expanding the Range

Seeing this need from our audience let us know that we needed to start expanding our bra size range to accommodate even more women. Since there is quite a bit of patternmaking to be done, we will not officially be adding additional sizes to our shop yet, however, we are taking custom requests at no additional charge of K cups + 42/44 bands and beyond!

Per Customer Basis

Because we’re all custom already and we’re still a small business, we’re able to offer custom sizes on a per customer basis. Today I made a custom bra size for a special lady who wears Freya on the regular in a size 36HH. Freya uses the UK/Australian sizing chart so their 36HH translates to a 36L in our bra sizes. With a little info from the customer, including her bra size measurements, I was able to confirm a 36L would be the best starting point for her. I based her pattern off our current 36J band and then adjusted the pattern to accommodate a larger cup and wire.

Tall and Short

Additionally we are accommodating the tall and the short. Yup! that’s right. We are noticing that some of our lounge pieces, such as our robes and slips, may be too long or short depending on a customers height. We can easily adjust the length of these garments when we have a some additional information from our customers, such as their overall height, leg length, etc.

Your Feedback for Our Future Plans

In addition to making custom bra sizes we plan to officially add many sizes in the future for intimates and loungewear. We would love to hear your feedback, so shoot us a note! What sizes would you like us to carry? What custom measurements do you think are important?

Do you want a custom bra size? Just email us! Or write a note in your order comments.

Are you local? Come in for your In-Person Fitting!

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  1. Yes Jennifer, we can accommodate you! We are so excited to roll this out and hope that we can make every lady feel fiercely comfortable ;)

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