#effyourbeautystandards #allbreastsarebeautiful Impish Lee and @helliebeanz

How we say #effyourbeautystandards

#effyourbeautystandards – The Goddess who started it all! Tess Holiday is a goddess, let’s face it. This badass bitch is spreading the kind of message that we can get down with (fangirling so hard). Her #effyourbeautystandards hashtag is one that we happily use as it stands strong against a main stream culture that all too often misrepresents […]

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Our Cotton Candy Love Affair

The Lady of the Hour More Collaborations We are continuing to collaborate with awesome bloggers. We are realizing that this will be a on-going effort as our brand grows. It has been a joy collaborating with so many beautiful women and artists in the past few months. Georgina is a cotton-candy-goddess. We were grateful to have her review our […]

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Owning Social Media – Our 7 Best Instagram Practices

Little by little we are learning the best way to present our brand to the world, and Instagram is definitely helping us do so. However, it took some time to really own our Instagram feed and learn the best ways to use the platform. Here are our 7 best Instagram practices: Best Instagram Practices Having […]

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Custom Bra Sizes, K Cups and Beyond!

Just when you thought Impish Lee couldn’t get any more custom, now we’re making custom bra sizes! The Need for Custom Bra Sizes We have been getting messages to “please add K cups,” and “I wish you carried my size” etc. etc…  With 70 available bra sizes, at first we were slightly shocked to be receiving […]

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In-Person Bra Fittings and Design Session

Hello Long Island ladies. We are now offering in-person bra fittings and assisted design sessions! Thinking Local We have been thinking about reaching out to our local community lately, as we are eager to build our business here in Sea Cliff, in Nassau County, and across Long Island. Our local community is very important to us. […]

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Proof of the wholesale markdown nightmare…

The story of how our lovingly handmade goods became marked down to mere pennies! A week ago our Instagram account (@impishlee) was tagged in an image. This image showed a turquoise lace, highwaisted panty we had made for Urban Outfitters a few years back. It was like seeing an old friend and reminded us of how […]

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